Based in Brooklyn, NY, I’m a director specializing in international documentary, commercial production, and influencer branded content.

From directing a 30 episode international travel YouTube series for The Points Guy to interviewing refugees surviving on the streets of Paris, I have spent my career striving to hi light the complex beauty of humanity around the world. My favorite productions unite people from different backgrounds through the common joys of food, natural beauty, and thirst for discovery. Any project striving to illuminate systemic injustices gets me excited.

While I love using story to connect viewers to people unlike themselves, an equally fun challenge is helping brands authentically connect with their customers. I’ve collaborated with brands like American Express to announce the wide acceptance of their cards, filmed with Panko Bread Crumbs to inspire new holiday recipes, and partnered with Hoover to remodel a home. The range of brands I’ve worked with is wide but whether I’m directing for a beauty product or a credit card, my favorite part is joining the creative team in making something special.

After filming projects in over 20 countries I’m accustomed to expecting the unexpected and can’t help but be excited for the next adventure.